Studio Equipment :
- Cubase SX 2.2
- R.M.E. Octamic D
- R.M.E. HDSP 9652
- T.C. Electronics PowerCore FireWire
- Sennheiser Microphones evolution 900 series
- MindPrint DTC
- Nevaton MC 416
Studio description : The studio has perfect multitrack recording SW Steinberg Cubase SX 2.2
It has high-quality 8-channel AD/DA converters Octamic D from german company R.M.E.
Sound Card is again from R.M.E. in this case HDSP 9652.
The part of equipment is the plugin packet POWERCORE FireWire from T.C. Electronics including high quality plugins MD3 stereo mastering multiband Compresor, Brickwall Limiter, NonLin Reverb, VSS3 Reverb, DVR2 Reverb, Master X-5 and Restoration Suite (DeScratch, DeNoise, DeClick, DeCrackle, DeThump)
Microphones are Sennheiser ew900 series from Panter

Samples from existing work (recorded on microphones ew900 series) :

2006_03_10_arabia.mp3 (Music U.M.P.)
rush4.mp3 (Music RUSH)
skvor.mp3 (Drums Kobdzey)
export_drums_all.mp3 (Drums Kobdzey)
tomtomsTC.mp3 (Drums Kobdzey)
force.mp3 (Drums Kobdzey)

Samples from existing work (recorded on microphones ew600 series) :

8#ukazka-01.ogg (Music Kobdzey)
nonameukazka.ogg (Music Jan Militký)
vilyukazka.ogg (Music Jan Militký)

With this equipment which is complete mobile I give capability to miscellaneous bands to get in 48kHz/24bit quality the record from live concert (max 24 tracks in record mode) or to get a demo-sample in rehearsall room of single bands (.. after agreement)
Also I give capability for high-quality studio recording and also mixing of drum-parts (I play all styles)
The photos from studio will be soon on web.